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Your Ultimate Flavour Selection Guide

Your Ultimate Flavour Selection Guide If you are new to this shisha game, the countless options of different flavours and brands could be confusing. Also, what is dark or blonde leaf?! What category/brand/type of leaf is better suit for you? After all, you just want something that tastes good and blows huge clouds right? Don’t worry, we are here to give you a simple guide on the differences of blonde and dark leaf shisha and some recommendations on the best selected and most popular brand from every flavour category. Blonde leaf VS Dark leaf The main difference between blonde leaf and dark leaf is the amount of nicotine present in it. Tobacco production requires soaking and washing the tobacco leaves. The more the leaf is washed, the more of the nicotine content is removed and hence less head buzz. We strongly suggest any beginner to start with blonde leaf as the high nicotine level in dark leaf shisha might cause discomfort to some. Dark leaf is more suitable for experienced users who have built up the tolerance over the accumulated time of smoking. After all, each of these types of tobacco has its own distinct attributes and may require a different bowl packing method to get the best results. We will talk further below. Blonde leaf: The most commonly used tobacco in is the Virginia blonde leaf. This Virginia blonde leaf is flue-cured meaning that it is dried in a heated indoor structure. This process of curing is what gives the Virginia blonde leaf its vibrant yellow/orange color and its sweetness in flavor. Blonde leaf usually comes with a more prominent flavour and lower nicotine content. It is also easier to be managed with heat and less likely to burn. Most common brands are fumari, social smoke, azure from the US. And Os, holster, Almassiva from Germany. Dark leaf: Becoming increasingly popular over the past 2 years, dark leaf is the new trend for hookah enthusiasts. Opposite of blonde tobacco, dark leaf retains a higher nicotine level due to its unwashed nature and gives out a more robust earthy tone from the air-curing method (Air-curing means leaving the leaves hung up in an open barn undergoing few weeks of drying.) Beginners might find it hard to accept either the taste or the buzz if they are not used to it. They are most commonly found in Russia (e.g. Darkside, Must have, Element) or in the USA (e.g. Tangiers, Trifecta, etc). Check below for our recommendations on each of the flavour category. We will provide suggestion on both blonde and dark leaf for each of the flavour. It is definitely all-time to go based on our personal preference so you might have a different opinion which is all fine too!   Fruity sweet Pre-mixed: B – African Queen Grape: D –  Kismet Black grape, Tabu Grape cola B – Holster Grape mint, Nameless Black nana Peach: D – Duft Sour Peach, Chabacco Juicy Peach, Must have Sweet Peach, Kismet Peach Blossom B – Trifecta Peach Mint, Al Massiva Massiv, Zomo Jossie Slide, Fumari White Peach, Tangiers Peach ice tea, Starbuzz Peach ice tea Mango: D – Malaysian Mango, Inferno Mango, Element Mango, Darkside Mango Lassi, Duft Goa mango, Chabacco Mango Camomile, Chabacco Indian Mango B – Al Massiva Wenn der mond (mango and melon), 7 Days Cold MNG, Pure mango, Trifecta mango smoothie, Adalya Mango Tango, element air Thai mango Melon: D – Must Have Sweet melon, Malaysian Melon, Chabacco Chinese Melon B – Al Massiva Wenn der mond, Os Casanova, 7 Days Cold Melo, Fumari Ambrosía, Zomo Secret of Babylon Cantaloupe D – Must Have Melonade B – Social Smoke Cantaloupe Chill Black Currant: D – Duft Black currant, Element Currant B – Hookain Big Black Berries Lychee: D – Element lychee (out of production), Darkside Space lychee, Duft Lychee, Malaysian Lychee B – Azure lychee, Trifecta lychee Guava: D – Chabacco Guava, Darkside Guava rebel, Element Fire Guava B – Fumari Guava, AF Guava Strawberry:  D – Darkside Space jam, Must have Strawberry lychee, black burn strawberry jam, Malaysian Strawberry kiss, Bonche Strawberry B – Babos FFM, Os High noon, Zomo Strawkify, Azure Strawberry Passion, Savy Strawberry, Fumari Strawberry Jam Dragonfruit:  D – Duft Dragonfruit, Darkside Fruity Dust B – Almassiva Bruderherz, Almassiva Blut gegen blut (dragonfruit and lemon) Various Berries D – Darkside Cosmo flower, Duft Elderberry, Spectrum Russian raspberry, Chabacco Elderberry, Spectrum Forest mix (wild berry), Element blackberry, Duft Raspberry B – Trifecta Raspberry, Babos (lemon orange raspberry), Banger Niemals antäuschen (wildberry), Holster Wild punch (blueberry, blackberry, raspberry), Holster Miss jossy (strawberry, raspberry) Citrusy, tropical Pre-mixed:  D – Malaysian Acid Rain, Malaysian Sour blow, Must have Pinkman (grapefruit, strawberry, raspberry) B – Tingle Tangle, Papa Luma (grapefruit lime and lemonade) Lemon: D – Darkside Lemon Blast, Black burn Lemon sweet B – Fumari lemon mint, Azure Winter Lemon, Os Monster Orange:  D – Must Have Orange team, Darkside Barry Orange, Tangiers Orange soda,  B – Al Massiva Ghettolied, Azure Winter Orange, Trifecta Natural Order Lime:  D – Must Have Lemon Lime, Sebero Limoncello B – Trifrcta Lime, Fumari Limoncello Pineapple: D – Duft Pineapple, Malaysian Pineapple, Element pineapple, Spectrum pineapple boom B – Pure Pineapple Passionfruit: D – Element maracuya, Chabacco Passionfruit, Darkside Falling star, Nash Passion, Chabacco Passion  B – Pure maracuya, Maridan Tingle Tangel Purple/Tropical, Banger 3 Mal im leben, Adalya Love 66, Puré Passion bomb, Zomo Passionfruit mint Grapefruit: D – Must have Grapefruit, Grapefruit & pomelo B – Holster Bloody punch, Trifecta Grapefruit Kiwi: D – Chabacco Kiwi, Darkside Cyber Kiwi, Must have Kiwi smoothie, Duft Kiwi Tini, Inferno Kiwi B – Quwi Punch, Savu Kimi, Handgemacat & illegal (kiwi and pineapple), AF kiwi, Zomo kiwi lemon Tangerine: D – Duft Kamquat, Nash Tangerine, Must have Mandarin B – Pure Tangerine Papaya: D – Nash papaya B – Fumari Island papaya, Element air Maui Yuzu: D – Chabacco Pomelo B – Social Smoke Japanese Yuzu   Fruity Refreshing Pear: D – Malaysian Pear, Inferno Pear, Element Pear, Sebero Green Pear B – Holster Perry Punch, Trifecta Pearfect, Zomo Pik Pok, Savu Green Bear Green Apple: D – Duft Apple candy, Must have Apple drop, Malaysian Crazy Apple, Sebero Green Apple B – Os Bonnie and Clyde Watermelon: D – Element Watermelon Holls, Must have Melonade B – Os 54, Holster Watermelon Punch, Zomo Watermelon Mint, Social Smoke Watermelon Chill, Fumari Watermelon Cucumber: D – Inferno cucumber lemonade, Must have Cucunade, Duft Cucumberita B – Aqua mentha Green Shake, Element air cucumber lemonade, Trifecta Cucumber Mojito, Azure Cool cucumber, Haze cucumberita, Zero Basil Cucumber Cactus: D – Darkside Desert Eagle, Element Cactus fig, Duft Cactus Jack, Malaysian Cactus, Spectrum Agave Cactus B – Os Unknown, Zomo Cactus Jack, Holster Ice Katuz, Banger Kuck Kuck, Fumari Prickly Pear   Creamy Banana D – Darkside Bananapapa, Sebero Banana cream, Must Have Paradise, Element Banana daiquiri  B – Element bananerro, Fumari Banana Custard Coconut D – Darkside Tropic Ray, Darkside Bounty Hunter, Puer Cocos Rain, Puer Pina colada B – Element Air Pina colada, Os star child Tiramisu D – Duft Tiramisu, Tabú Tiramisu, Starbuzz Vintage Tiramisu Caramel/Candy/milky D – Must Have Candy Cow, Must have Unicorn Treats, Element air milky mouse, Darkside Killer Milk B – Hookain White Caek, Social Smoke Dulce de Leche Chocolate D – Bonche Dark chocolate, Puer Kit Kat, Puer Raffaello, Black Burn Black Brownie, Black Burn After 8, Duft Brownie, Element Beigum Waffle, must have choco mint B – Hookain White Brown Coffee D – Element Irish Cream, Darkside raff in the jungle  B – Fumari Mochaccino, Azure Barista Choice, Trifecta Morning Glory Pistachio D – Chabacco Pistachio Macaroon, Must Have Pistachio Cake B – Os Franklin, Social Smoke Pistachio Breeze, Element Air Gelato Al Pistachio  Nuts D – Inferno Peanut, Duft Fried Cashew, Duft Hazelnut, Spectrum Nutter, Element Nut Mix B – Holster Bono, Trifecta TKO Vanilla D – Must Have Ice crea, Must Have Vanilla Cream B – AF Vanilla, Trifecta Vanilla, Element Air Vanilla Sky Cookie: D – Must Have Cookies, Spectrum Cooke & Milk, Element Cookie Monster, Bonche Cookie, Chabacco caramel cookies, Chabacco milk cookies  Corn:  D – Duft King corn, Chabacco caramel corn, Tabu Corn sticks B – zero Corn Lemon waffle/cake/pie D – Chabacco Creamy Lemon Waffle, puer lemon marmalade, Must have lemon pie B – Al massiva Nasib, Azure lemon muffin Cinnamon: D – Chabacco Cinnamon roll, Inferno Cinnamon bun B – Azure cinnamon cookies, Social Smoke Cinnamon roll   Savory Cheese D – Inferno Cheese, Spectrum Spicy Cheese, Spectrum Herb Cheese Bacon D – Spectrum Bacon, Spectrum bacon cracker Curry D – Spectrum Spicy Curry Carrot D – Northern Carrot Juice   Others Mint: D – Northen North, Element Moroz, Darkside Supernova, Sebero Artic, Black Burn Something Icy B – 7 days Cold Death, Pure FML, Trifecta Twice the Ice x, Social Smoke Absolute zero, Zomo strong mint, Zomo Swiss alps, Azure Alaskan Ice Honey: D – Kismet Black honey, Must have Honey holls, Black burn Black Honey, Element Honey&Honey, Chabacco Honey berries Cola:  D – Sebero Cola, Darkside Cola, Puer Siberian Cola, Duft Lazer Cola B – Azure Mexi cola, Zero Cola Liquor: D – Must Have Citrus Spritz, Duft Scoth Whiskey, Must have Mulled Wine, Spectrum Fire Wine, Chabacco Rum Lady Muff B – Azure Apple Cider Ginger: D – Puer Cenozoic Ginger B – Social smoke ginger tea   Spiced Herbal: D – Darkside Basil Blast, Chabacco Euculyptus, Infernó Lemongrass, Spectrum Chinese Grass, Element Thyme and Bergamot B – Azure lemongrass  Woody: D –  Element Fir, Element Baikal, Darkside Needles, Kismet Black Sandalwood, Kismet Black Forrest B – Shades Wood Master   Tea, Floral Green Tea D – Black burn Green tea B – Azure Matcha Mint Lemon/lime Tea D – Spectrum Brazilian tea, Darkside Astro tea, Tangiers Lemon Tea B – Starbuzz Lemon tea, Fumari Citrus tea, Azure Royal Queen Black Tea/Earl grey D – Must have Earl Grey, Kismet Black Tea, Darkside Bergamonster, Spectrum Berga tea, Fumari Dark Earl grey, Chabacco Mumbai tea B – Trifecta Earl grey, Afzal Earl grey, Savu Black Tea Chai Tea D – Duft Chai Latte, Malaysian Spiced Chai, Chabacco Milk Oolong B – Fumari Spiced Chai, Azure Chai Masala, Azure Viva la horchata Floral Tea D – Darkside Darksupra, Chabacco Jasmine tea, Spectrum Jasmine tea,  Floral D – Chabacco Blooming Garden, Kismet Black rose, Kismet Black jasmine, Kismet Black Violet, Kismet Black Flowers, Kismet Black Lavender, Tabu Jasmine Lemonade B – Trifecta Nawar, Azure Winter Rose, AF Rose, Starbuzz exotic Rose, Trifecta Lavender Mint, Starbuzz Flower Power

Introduction to bowls

BLOG 3 Hi every one hope you are all doing well, hope this covid situation hasn’t affected you guys. Please stay safe and keep your loved ones safe too. Today’s topic will be an introduction to bowls, We will talk about the differences of Killer, Turkish, Phunnel bowl and its properties individually. A quick guide for you on how to pack them respectively. Killer bowl is made of clay, has a classic shape, flat and thick bottom. There are five or seven holes arranged symmetrically in the bottom and built. Such a bowl is quite easy to prepare. it is mainly used for long lasting sessions as its built is thicker and allows relatively more tobacco volume. It gives out good heating of the bowl and provides maximum strength. In killer bowl you can use layer packing or section packing as there is more depth in the bowl.  The holes in the bowl really play a big hand in bring bringing out explosive taste from the tobaccos. In killer bowls it is easier to control the heat applied onto the tobacco.  Glazed Killer bowl: The glaze protects the bowl from the absorption of leaf syrup, which allows the bowl to retain its original properties and appearance for a longer time. The glazed bowl gives more heat. Therefore, more attention needs to be paid at temperature control. Non-glazed killer bowl: A clay bowl without glaze absorbs the syrup of its content to a certain extent. The taste could become more pronounced with each smoking session, but if different flavors are used, they can mix with each other. This type of bowl needs more time to heat up. Advantage of a killer bowl: – heat is distributed evenly throughout the bowl. – Higher strength is obtained.   Killer Bowl                                                                                                                                                               Turkish bowl is great for those who like going classic. This bowl is made from different types of clay (usually non-glazed) and stands out from the others with its thicker walls, which helps maintain a stable bowl temperature for a longer time. Turkish bowl has a round bottom and wider holes, which leads to a better air circulation and easier traction. Such a bowl is simple and easy to prepare and thus is ideal for every novice hookah enthusiast. Advantage of a killer bowl: -The heat is evenly distributed over the entire area of ​​the bowl. -Easy to pack hookah mixture.   Turkish Bowl                                                                                                                                                               Moving on to the phunnel bowls. Phunnel bowl is more shallow and only has one hole in the middle with a curb. With Phunnel bowls the molasses is less likely to drip down into the base unlike killer bowls. Phunnel bowls are thinner so the bowl heats up faster. Such a bowl is simple and easy to prepare, which is a huge advantage for beginners in this field and is the most commonly used bowls in the market. Phunnel bowl works best with finer cut of tobacco especially dark leaf. It also comes in glazed and non-glazed version. The differences are similar to the properties of the glazed and non-glazed killer bowls we mentioned above. Advantage of Phunnel bowl: -heat is evenly distributed from top to down of the bowl. -Easy to pack with up to 5-6 different flavours as you can do seperation like a pizza cut.   Phunnel Bowl                                                                                                                                                                Next we shall talk about its volume. Killer and Turkish bowls have a capacity of 20-25g , it can hold a lot more leaf than regular phunnel bowls. That is why the smoke sessions from killer bowls can go up to 2 hours or more if packed well. As for the phunnel it can hold from 15-25g of leaf and the smoke sessions can last from 45 mins to 90 mins. There are some larger-sized phunnel bowls like the Obalako phunnel L where It can hold as much leaf as a regular killer bowl and hence a longer smoking time. However, if you pack a phunnel bowl too dense, the hot air from the HMD might not be able to circulate through the bottom. The Shisha might go dead before all the leaf at the bottom is fully burnt.    If you ask which bowl to use as a beginner we would suggest going for the killer bowl first and slowly work your way up to a phunnel bowl as Phunnel bowl requires more delicate packing skill. When using finer leaves on killer bowl I would use a tobacco strainer which is available in our website to prevent the tobacco falling into the glass base and it doesn’t affect the airflow.   A brief intro on how to pack both killer and phunnel bowl. Killer bowl is easy you can just layer you flavours and stack them up like a sandwich. The final level of the bowl should be 1-2mm lower than the rim of the bowl. Make sure after packing the bowl you should poke some holes in to the bowl in the same position of those holes to maximise airflow and performance. As for phunnel bowl make sure you dont over pack or under pack. Either way will cause a harder draw or less taste/smoke. How tight or fluffy you pack the bowl requires many trials and errors or experience until you find the right balance. Every packer has its own preference after all there is not a strict standard on it. Look at the picture below as a reference on how much tobacco to add and how the final product should look like. As we always say never stop trying and experimenting. Our favorite bowls are Japona Mummy bowls for the phunnel style, UPG for Turkish and Solaris for the killer style. DM us any time on Instagram or WhatsApp if you face any difficulty on which to pick and how to pack them. We are always here to give you our best advice and help you make the best choice.       A great example how a shisha bowl should look like                                                                                                                                                                  

Which shisha pipe is right for you?

Hello all Sober family and friends,    How are you guys holding up amid this overwhelming fifth wave of Covid? Yes, the situation has been frustrating and business is suffering, hopefully the city can stand strong and survive this dismal predicament. As most of the shisha lounges are not open recently due to the Covid restriction, we have received increasingly more inquiries regarding some tips of selecting a suitable shisha set for home use. Below are some brief insights that would be useful for all beginners! First of all, Price does reflect quality. Material, design, engineering and performance are proportionately reflected on the price and it is something you do not want to overlook. You should treat your first shisha pipe as a form of investment. The more you are willing to fund your set up, the higher the chance you will get a more pleasant session. Creators of shisha pipes showcase their art and vision through their pipes and it takes years of hard work and effort to come up with a decent product. So please do not hesitate to pay a bit extra for your favourite pipe! A good pipe can last you for as long as you can smoke! Pipes of price between 1,000 HKD to 2,000 HKD is usually a good value for money with a fair performance. If you are looking for something of a fine quality, please look into any pipe that is between 2,000 to 3,000 HKD. Pipes that are over 3,000 HKD usually comprise both performance + unique functionality/outlook. The most hot-selling and recommended models from SOBER would be AEON lounge. Its fine craftsmanship produces a good balance between the cloud density and its unique outlook from the aesthetic glass work.                                                                                   Many people ask what’s the difference between a tall pipe and short pipe. Standard hookah height is around 50cm. Small pipe would be classified by any height that is within 30-40cm tall. And there is also the portable shisha pipe of height below 30cm that is designed specifically for outdoor purpose. In my opinion, standard sized pipes are best for big groups as they allow enough room for gaseous exchange within the pipe and hence a more powerful smoke output. Some brands of small pipes with good designs can almost be comparable to a standard-sized pipe (like Honeysigh, Conceptic mini, Mattpear mini). They consume much less space and are a lot easier to clean and store. It should be taken as a key factor into your consideration as we know a lot of shisha enthusiasts out there only go for the mini pipe despite having other 5-6 standard-sized pipes at home (I am definitely one of them :p).  Mini pipes are amazing when it comes to price and portability, especially for beach, boat party, hiking or camping. However, please keep in mind that there is a chance that the pipe will get warm as you smoke it for a long duration and the water will gush out of the pipe if you blow it too hard and hence ruin your nicely packed bowl. But overall, it is a must-have item for people who has a low budget or needs a to-go pipe for outdoor. The model VYRO – One is highly recommended here in the sense that their smoke performance is almost as good as a standard-sized pipe with the price of just around 800HKD each. Smoke anywhere as you please because shisha is life!                                                                                Another thing one should pay attention to is whether the pipe comes with or without a diffuser. A diffuser is the part that is attached to the down stem of the pipe and serves as a silencer. It is a blessing for those who dislike the “blub blub blub” sound during inhalation. It is also claimed that a diffuser can also enhance the performance of shisha by making it smoother. Of course water level plays a part in it but you get the basic idea here. While some people do enjoy the bubbling sound, it is a totally a personal preference here. Some models do offer adjustable or detachable diffusers that can serve both purposes so feel free to ask us if you need more help in this! Always be open to trying different pipes, and feel free to collect them like branded shoes. Each pipe comes it with own purpose and uniqueness that will keep you entertained and pleased. Any difficulty in selecting your shisha pipe, we are always here to give you advice!  

Read this before you buy your first shisha set up!

Hello sober family, how are you all doing! This post is for all shisha beginners who are looking for some basic shisha knowledges to help set up your first shisha at home.   Hong Kong’s shisha culture has grown tremendously in the past 3 years from smoking red leaves / blonde leaves to now dark leaves and many more types of leaves. (We will write another blog for this later on.) We have come a long way in shisha. Many people think making a shisha is difficult and they make it complicated by over-thinking the steps.    The most important key for making a well-performed shisha is to build your foundation skills. Details make a huge difference indeed. Below are some points to note for making a shisha.   First is choosing the right equipment and accessories. Below is the checklist for your shisha set up if you are completely new into this hobby. Shisha pipe Bowl Heat management device Hose and mouthpiece Shisha mouth tips Tong Charcoal burner Charcoal Shisha fork and poker Flavours (2-3 + mint is good enough) Shisha pipes range from 500+ HKD to 5000 HKD +. A good shisha pipe lays the maximum performance of your shisha. The price is usually proportionate to its quality. Stainless steel pipe is the best material for the shisha pipe and makes up the majority of the models in the market. Bowls selection is equally important as it dictates how the smoke will turn out. Factors like clay quality, volume, phunnel or killer bowl affect the functionality of the cloud density and flavouring. A good heat management device and charcoal quality will help minimise the ashy taste during your session. Second is choosing what flavours you want to smoke, the majority of the people get confused on the flavour mixology. Best tip is to smell your tobacco and put different flavours together to smell to see if they will go well together when you are doing a mix. There will be good mixes and bad mixes, you have to keep trying everyday or whenever you are packing to find out what goes well. There are millions of combinations, the joy of finding a totally new mix just hits different. But the basic tips is to find a base flavour first, like grape, peach, lemon, and then extend from there with other mixer flavours to add an extra layer of tea, floral, citrusy scent. Always recommend you to put a slight bit of mint that can help wrap up the mix and enhance the flavours.   Third is the packing of the bowl. Every packer in different shisha lounges has its own style. semi-dense packing a bit over the rim of the bowl is always our to-go. Remember that if you pack it too tight or too full, you will have a hard time smoking it but it will potentially give you a stronger head buzz. And if you pack it too less or too fluffy, there is a chance that the flavours won't come out as much or the smoke density will be reduced.   Fourth is the heat management of the bowl. We recommend starting your bowl with 3 pcs of charcoal and let it sit for a few minutes and take one charcoal away once the bowl is heated enough and ready to smoke. Keep the charcoal close to the rim of the heat management device for even heat distribution. Be gentle when you do charcoal change as you don’t want the ash to fall down on the bowl to give an ashy taste. Overheating the bowl will turn your flavours into a sour and unpleasant taste, and also gives you a choky feeling if it is burnt.   These are the few simple keys that one has to keep in mind when making a shisha. There are way more details we can elaborate on each of the points above but for now this should give you an idea on some basic fundamental knowledge of your shisha.  

HELLO and Welcome to our first Sober Blog post!

  Welcome to our first Sober blog post! My name is Esther and I usually intend to stay low-profile in this industry as I see myself as the so-called "the woman behind every successful man (@bigfries) or business :p. If you want to know more about my background story, feel free to scroll down and click "Our story". I am so excited to start this blog to share with you more of our knowledge of and insight into shisha that we have been building for years! By creating more informative and educational content, I hope that the Sober Blog will help you learn more about this fascinating world of shisha and therefore to improve your packing skills and mixology that eventually leads you to greater satisfaction during your shisha journey. Why we started a blog? I actually never picture myself doing blogging as writing has never been a strong suit of mine. But seeing so many of you, especially the newbies,  who always get confused or misinformed by whatever information that they got from wherever it is, makes me really want to write down the knowledge I have. I am pretty sure that you have encountered a situation where your shisha is so horrible and you have no idea what's wrong with it. You are frustrated and disappointed at the same time and you do not know how to fix it. Therefore, the aim of this blog is to save you a tremendous amount of time from making those basic mistakes that could have been avoided if you could just follow our blog. Instead of wasting time exploring the wrong path or method, our blog can guide you straight to the answers that you want. Especially when we have the advantage of having the knowledge from both the German side and Russian side, (they are the two strongest pioneers in the industry), it is a true blessing that we could digest and absorb the mastery of both countries and disseminate practical information that is made easy for you to understand.    What should you expect to see from here? Pipes and accessories will obviously be the main topic of the blog. Comparison of different brands within the same product category would be my number one priority. (E.g. the difference between Zidcloud vs Kaloud vs Na Grani HMD and which should you pick). Flavours and mixology will also be my main focus. Also, be ready to see a mixture of lifestyles and other interesting stories that we never show you before! But as I mentioned before, I am no expert in writing a blog so please bear with me on any grammar or spelling mistakes. I am starting this blog on a trial and error basis so please feel free to always share your thoughts and communicate with me along the way! I would definitely love to see feedback from you guys!   Last but not least, I want to stress a very important point that is I might not be absolutely right for whatever I am going to write here. Shisha is a very subjective topic and there are just so many different perceptions and definitions of what is a good shisha and what works for you. Also, there are many other factors that can affect your shisha quality. I cannot tell what is wrong if I am not literally sitting in front of your shisha and smoking it. The information that I write here should be seen as a reference only. Sometimes some people just take everything too seriously… you know what I mean…:P    Anyway, I will see you in our next blog post! Thanks for being our first readers!