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HELLO and Welcome to our first Sober Blog post!

  Welcome to our first Sober blog post! My name is Esther and I usually intend to stay low-profile in this industry as I see myself as the so-called "the woman behind every successful man (@bigfries) or business :p. If you want to know more about my background story, feel free to scroll down and click "Our story". I am so excited to start this blog to share with you more of our knowledge of and insight into shisha that we have been building for years! By creating more informative and educational content, I hope that the Sober Blog will help you learn more about this fascinating world of shisha and therefore to improve your packing skills and mixology that eventually leads you to greater satisfaction during your shisha journey. Why we started a blog? I actually never picture myself doing blogging as writing has never been a strong suit of mine. But seeing so many of you, especially the newbies,  who always get confused or misinformed by whatever information that they got from wherever it is, makes me really want to write down the knowledge I have. I am pretty sure that you have encountered a situation where your shisha is so horrible and you have no idea what's wrong with it. You are frustrated and disappointed at the same time and you do not know how to fix it. Therefore, the aim of this blog is to save you a tremendous amount of time from making those basic mistakes that could have been avoided if you could just follow our blog. Instead of wasting time exploring the wrong path or method, our blog can guide you straight to the answers that you want. Especially when we have the advantage of having the knowledge from both the German side and Russian side, (they are the two strongest pioneers in the industry), it is a true blessing that we could digest and absorb the mastery of both countries and disseminate practical information that is made easy for you to understand.    What should you expect to see from here? Pipes and accessories will obviously be the main topic of the blog. Comparison of different brands within the same product category would be my number one priority. (E.g. the difference between Zidcloud vs Kaloud vs Na Grani HMD and which should you pick). Flavours and mixology will also be my main focus. Also, be ready to see a mixture of lifestyles and other interesting stories that we never show you before! But as I mentioned before, I am no expert in writing a blog so please bear with me on any grammar or spelling mistakes. I am starting this blog on a trial and error basis so please feel free to always share your thoughts and communicate with me along the way! I would definitely love to see feedback from you guys!   Last but not least, I want to stress a very important point that is I might not be absolutely right for whatever I am going to write here. Shisha is a very subjective topic and there are just so many different perceptions and definitions of what is a good shisha and what works for you. Also, there are many other factors that can affect your shisha quality. I cannot tell what is wrong if I am not literally sitting in front of your shisha and smoking it. The information that I write here should be seen as a reference only. Sometimes some people just take everything too seriously… you know what I mean…:P    Anyway, I will see you in our next blog post! Thanks for being our first readers!